Is Your Light On?

     One of the coolest things I remember is when my husband and I were in Israel sitting at the foothills of the Sea of Galilee one night. While we sat there talking, we couldn’t help but look. We were drawn to the mountains. The intense blackness that “was out there” was unreal. The longer we looked, seemingly out of no where we began to see glimmers of light appearing here, then there, and over there…out of nowhere. These little glimmers of lights stuck out against the blackness.

   It was an most amazing site to behold because just moments before there was complete blackness–you would have never known there were people, homes, life up there on those hilltops.

   I will this memory because because it draws my heart and mind to think about what Jesus said, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid” [Matthew 5:14-16]. Truly, Jesus knew what He was talking about. It is impossible to hide even your small flame in the midst of complete blackness.

     I think of the ‘blackness’ that is around us–around me. We call it ‘spiritual warfare.’ It comes in many ways: the devil’s attacks, the lost world around us that needs Christ yet chooses to reject Him: it’s our neighbors, the check-out lady, the gas station person, the waitress, the visitor we fail to welcome, even the regular-attender at church, it is even my own sinful flesh and pride (from within and from without).

 I cannot help but think – “Is my light on?”

Yes, I am a child of God [thank you, Lord for saving my soul!]; I am a sinner saved by grace; I know where my eternity will be spent despite my human weaknesses and faults. It is of the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed; His love is not determined by my actions or love for Him. His love doesn’t change. He doesn’ love us anymore or anyless. 

I don’t knwo about you, but I am eternally indebted to Christ, and thinking about that mountainside in Israel, those glimmering lights, and Jesus’ words in Matthew it causes me to wonder about my heart of gratitude and love to God, have I changed over the years? Has my love increased for God or decreased? Am I like that light or candle set on a hilltop that can be seen for miles that points others to Christ?

‘Is MY light ON’  — like that very first day when my personal darkness turned to day because Jesus turned on my light on [my salvation day] or have I slowly put my light on “dimmer”? I think of others who have chosen to turn their light off [well, if truly born again, they are hiding their light under a bushel] in Revelations it is called lukewarm.

But Jesus was clear when He said in Matthew, “YOU are the light of the world.”

Is your light…


In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}


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