Proverbs 14:9

Fools mock sin as if they conquered. Sin doesn’t see it that way…the fool is its object of mockery.
There is another way, it is called upright. The end result is favor and the blessing of God.

{Proverbs 14:9}

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

Proverbs 31:28

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

What are Children?

  • How do you view or see your children? Are they a nuisance, a bother, an irritation? Do you find them “cramping” your style or getting in the way of what you want to do?

Take the time to stop and listen and evaluate yourself speaking to your children? What do you sound like? What tone or words are you using?

  • Psalm 127:3 says that children are an heritage from the Lord, a God-gift. They are a blessing to you as a father and mother; a “fruit of your womb”.

When is the last time you praised God for your children? When is the last time your child or children heard you thank God for them? If you can not remember, start today.

  • Are you praying for your blessings?
  • Do your children know that they are loved, cared for, prayed for, liked? If not, start today! You might need to start with asking for their forgiveness first. They desire and deserve your love, care, time, and prayers.

Remember, YOUR children are yours! They are a heritage, a God-given blessing given specifically to you from God.

Treasure your gift(s).

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}