When God Uses Your Kids to Remind You of Himself.

While having family devotions the other night one of our children said…

More than we’d like to admit, we often forget when a child becomes a daughter or son of God they are indwelt by the Holy Spirit instantly.

The Holy Spirit doesn’t gradually increase as they grow older in age or in spiritual understanding; they are indwelt with all of the Holy Spirit exactly like the moment we called upon the name of the Lord to be saved.

We would all agree, a new born babe isn’t eating meat, but rather drinking milk. The level of spiritual knowledge increases as our children (and ourselves) walk with Christ. He is the developer. He is the one who matures a soul. It is when we become more intimate with His that our application of God’s Word is obeyed; loved. As our children are nurtured their walk with Christ flourishes. The ‘amount‘ of Holy Spirit for a child or adult is actually the same upon the day of salvation.

I love when God uses our children to remind us of Himself. The Lord uses the smallest people in our lives to show us Himself through these timeless, effective, and wisdom filled words or actions to convict us, encourage us, remind us that the power of the Holy Spirit is among us; including our children.

God doesn’t save us to leave us.

What a powerful statement. Why is this such a bullseye to the soul? Well, let’s see:

  • God is purposeful. You are His creation, His workmanship, His poem, His masterpiece. You are created in the image of God. You are an heir to the throne of the King of Kings; lest we forgot no one or nothing can change that or take that away (Ephesians 2:10; John 10:28-30). In His purposeful plan He fills it with specific tailored details, a course of action set for you alone by God Himself with a love that is indescribable, unfathomable and gracious.
  • God cannot voilate Himself. This is beyond comfort. We can trust God because His very character is trustworthy.
    • What God says He does. Period.
    • When God says it will be or not be. We are guaranteed it will come to pass.
    • How God says it will be or not be…we know this too shall come to pass.
    • Deuteronomy 31:6; Hebrews 13:5 tell us “He will never leave us nor forsake us…be strong, be courageous, be content and do not fear.” Those are guaranteed words! Those are comforting words. Those are life giving words. Those are life sustaining words to continue in assurance in His will. Those are words spoken from a Father to His child…YOU!

God doesn’t save us to leave us.

You are already victorious. You have already won the battle because of Christ. The million dollar question is: Are we going to live accordingly?

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}


God created you for a specific, unique, one-of-a-kind purpose. Despite any situation you are currently facing, God purposely fashioned and ordered your steps to fulfill his dynamic plan for your life. Many individuals feel helpless when trials appear and it seems as if their circumstance or environment will never change. Be encouraged today and remember that God has final authority regarding the overall temporary conditions you experience in life. God’s ways are not our ways and it could be that God is equipping and empowering you during life’s challenges for a great work he has called you to fulfill.

When God called Gideon, it was during a severe perplexing time. The Israelites did evil in the sight of the LORD and were oppressed by the Midianites, causing them to hide in dens, caves and strongholds. The Midianites and the Amalekites stole their livestock and produce leaving the Israelites’ land devastated and impoverished. Due to the circumstances the Israelites experienced, Gideon hid and privately beat wheat in the wine press to save it from the Midianites. (Judges 6)

But that’s when it happened, in the middle of a disconcerting time where everyone around Gideon suffered because of disobedience and sin, God empowered Gideon with a specific call on his life. God declared Gideon empowered in the midst of environmental unrest and personal uncertainty. God empowered Gideon to save Israel from the very ones who oppressed him and the Israelites. God chose someone who actively but privately sought progress in the middle of depressing conditions. Gideon didn’t realize who he was due to his environment, but the Angel declared him a brave man who the LORD was with! Trust that God has empowered you to fulfill his will.

God is with you and empowered you mighty one of valor!

Prayer: Our Heavenly Father, Thank you for empowering me to fulfill the plans you have for my life. I thank you for strengthening and equipping me to do great works. I choose to believe what your Word says about me and I praise you that I’m not defined by my circumstances. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

Devotional source by Empowered by Kennetra A. Bryant

  • Psalm 37:23
  • Isaiah 55:8

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

Ephesians 2:10

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}