for you, Mom

As a mother, there are days where I feel unable; unable to focus, shepherd, guide, counsel, help, correct, love, and discipline our sweeties. There are days where I am just plain spent, but that is exactly when I need that reminder that is isn’t about me, what I know, or what I can do…it is about Christ!

It is about being transformed into His likeness. I can because of Christ in me…and that is power, that is able, that is strength to do and be who I need to be before and to those around me…which include our little ones.

So Mom, you can. You are God-equipped already, the question is are we relying on the Giver of that equipment?

You are able because He is able, but we have a decision to make (a decision that may require an hourly reliance), but a choice: do I choose my super power or God’s super power.

We know, choosing God’s program makes all the difference in this world –all the difference in us, all the difference in our children, all the difference in our homes, community, church, marriage, and relationships. Yet so often we choose ourselves.

So Mom’s,

  • Let’s stand guard to protect our time with God for this is where fruit begins, where strength is granted, where ability to do and be is established, where the greatest eternal values are planted.
  • Let’s purposefully spend time with our Savior, accept and rely on Him with every fiber of our being, allow Him to show Himself mighty to us so that we may put on His attributes being transformed from within –then used for His glory amongst those around us.
  • You can because He can, but we must be willing, seeking, and relying on Him alone for that power, that enablement.
  • Today, rely on Him, Mom! You will not be disappointed. You have a SUPER GOD!!!
  • Greater is HE that is in YOU (1John 4:4).

From a mother to a mother, I pray that you have a blessed Christ-filled, God-centered day…and enjoy your kiddo’s! They are truly a blessing from the Lord Himself!

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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