Living Our Inhertiance NOW!

Remember who you are and how you got there. As a child of God, you are an heir to the throne, a daughter or son of the Most High King. This world is not our palace, we are just passing through; but while we are here let the whole world know whose you are and why. Our time is short.

So today:

  • fix your crown
  • know that you are His forever
  • you are complete in Christ
  • you are empowered through His Spirit
  • you are God equipped
  • proclaim, show, tell, live out your inheritance before men so that they too may see and know God.
  • thrive in Christ, my friend

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

(Photo/Credits to whomever posted this online)


    1. I know the feeling friend, but greater is HE in YOU than he that is in the world. YOU are empowered. YOU are equipped. YOU are complete. YOU are able. We may not feel it, we may understand it, it may be so confusing that nothing is making sense…and God seems silent…but does God change? Does God’s character change? Does God’s love for you change? NO! NO! NO! NO! (I preach this to myself!!!!!!!!!) My world, as of the past 1.5 yrs has been a roller coaster of darkness, uncertainty, silence, rejections of God’s people, loss and grief and unmeasurable amounts….I am learning friend…I hear you! I am praying for YOU!!!! 💝🙏👑🙌

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