Personal Thoughts:

  • What is my tolerance level to my own sin?
  • Do I see myself as a sinner? (a sinner, saved by grace)
  • Does my sin break my heart? Or do I live a ‘could careless’ attitude towards my sin?
  • Do I accept my own sin or do I slap a band-aid on it and call my disobedience my “christian liberty”?

Others Thoughts:

  • How about the sin of others? (…isn’t that judging?)
  • Does seeing sin in others grieve your soul? Does it cause me to fall on my knees in prayer for them?
  • We are in no way to play judge and jury or lord over in condemnation to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ; we are not to be sitting back on our own laurels critiquing every soul we come in contact with. This is not Christ like love.

But I have a question for you, if you saw your neighbor or friend in a burning house, wouldn’t you take whatever measures you could to warn them or help them?

Why certainly you would. You’d be screaming on the top of your lungs to get their attention or wake them up, or do whatever you could to get them out of that danger. You would call 9-11, and get professionals to come in and rescue your neighbor or friend. Anyone of us would.

So, why don’t we care for the spiritual life with the same vigor, response, or urgency for their souls as we do for their physical life?

  • We have bought into Satan’s lies and many of us are okay with it. We take the lie of “no-touchy, touchy spiritual, no-speaky, speaky spiritual” approach to loving our brothers and sisters in Christ when they have fallen in sin or are standing at the cliff of sin taking the steps away from God. This is not love.
  • Are we not to be edifying one another as believers –iron sharpening iron?
  • Are we not to be encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ to be walking in Christ and not self? Or are we to busy trying to not “rock the boat” in our personal or family relationships? We want to live in peace (which we are commanded to live peaceably with all men), but that doesn’t mean we are to not confront, challenge, exhort one another with Christ’s words in love because we love them.
  • The christian life is not a “let’s cohabitating together” for this core at heart is selfishness, not Christ.
  • One who has a vital relationship with Christ does not live in the land of complacency or apathy.

Either way, it really doesn’t matter what I think; it really doesn’t matter what you think, because God sees sin as just that, SIN. That is what matters…period!

  • We do well to take heed to Christ’s example and follow Him!
  • Isn’t Christ’s love just as much as it is righteous or just? He cannot stop being Himself. He cannot violate Himself, His attributes, His character. God hates sin. Nothing can or will change that, but our response should!

Think about the mercies He has lavished upon you; mercies that weren’t deserved, but given anyway because He loved you. Loved you enough to show you that love through His death on a Cross, to redeem mankind (to redeem you and I) because we had a problem, sin. He wanted that relationship restored. He is serious about our sin problem, are we?

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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