Rise Up! or Have You Aborted?

  • Yester-years are precious memories when filled with Christ but never an excuse to not obey God’s Word today.
  • The great commission is now, not yesterday, it is not tomorrow…it is right now!
  • Obedience to Jesus Christ is now, not yesterday, not tomorrow or when I fulfill my fun…it is now.
  • There is not one of us who can stand here in complete surety guaranteeing their next breathe, yet much more guaranteeing their next day of life; we have but now.

Soul, ARISE!
Church, ARISE!
Today is the mission!!

  • May we be consumed with the praise, honor, and glory of Jesus Christ alone and not ourselves.
  • May we lift Him up and let the world know all about our great God!!!
  • Rise up, oh man of God!
  • Rise up, oh woman of God!
  • Rise up, oh teen of God!
  • Rise up, oh child of God!
  • What is done for eternity…that is what will stand.

What’s your mission look like?

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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