Journey 119: a Journey through Psalm 119 [Part 1]

Aleph. — Psalm 119:1-8

“Blessed [and favored by God] are those whose way is blameless [those with personal integrity, the upright, the guileless], who walk in the law [and who are guided by the precepts and revealed will] of the LORD. Blessed [and favored by God] are those who keep His testimonies, and who [consistently] seek Him [and long for Him] with all their heart. They also do no wrong [unrighteousness]; they walk in His ways. You have commanded [ordained] us to keep Your precepts diligently [carefully]. Oh, that my ways were [be] established to keep Your statutes [to obediently accepting and honoring them]! Then I shall not be ashamed, when I [look with respect] have my focus on all Your commandments [as my guide]. I will praise You [give thanks] with an upright heart, when I have learned [learn through discipline] Your righteous judgments [for my transgressions]. I will keep Your statues; do not [utterly] completely abandon me [when I fail].” (MEV/AMP)

Oh, how we give those Israelites a hard time.

  • How loooong did they wander?”
  • How could they not see God? I would have!”
  • “Go back to Egypt – what were they, nuts?”

We are no different.

  • We wander.
  • We don’t see God.
  • We go back to ‘our’ Egypt.

We give the Lord God Jehovah such a hard time with our excuses, whining, complaining, critical spirits. We compete with other believers, choose unforgiveness, gossip and slander brothers and sisters in Christ. Our striving hearts battle sinful attitudes and thoughts.

We all know it — we are human. I get that, you get that, the Psalmist got that. But if we were to put both lifestyles side-by-side — who do you think would be more like Christ?

This is not a boo-hoo everyone and not see the beam-in-our-own-eye- syndrome, but to honestly peer into our souls as we live as children of God.

God dealt with the Israelites and God will deal with us. Depending on how you view God — your response and life do reflect it.

The Psalmist, in verses 1-8, is incredible! He sees his sin for what it is – ugly, unrighteous before a holy God. He doesn’t glory in it, but rather prays earnestly to walk worthy, righteously with and before God.

He is overcome with the realization of how good it is to walk in God’s ways; how profitable it is to grow, to seek, to walk closely with God. He understands there is no greater way.

He oozes with adoration and love for/to God while rejecting the temptation of his own faults (sin). God blesses that kind of person. God could never not be good.

God takes us seriously.

  • The cross should spur us to realize this – does it for you? If not, why not?
  • God takes you seriously.
  • How seriously do you take God?

May today, we take stock in what our relationship with God looks like. Check with God:

  1. Lord, how am I doing before You? (Stop and listen for Him to speak)
  2. Lord, are you pleased, glorified, honored through me? Am I moldable? If not, convict me of what I must repent of, confess it, forsake it. Make your relationship right with God.
  3. Lord, I want Your blessings. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Today, I choose to walk in Your precepts, delight in your ways without being ashamed of You. I will praise You!

Now commit:

  • Obey without rebellion.
  • Walk by faith without question.
  • Learn Him without restrictions.
  • Love Him without constraints.
  • Serve Him without resistance.

May Jesus Christ be Praised!

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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