Our Need of Revival

Less than 4 minutes of your time, that is all I ask.

Click on the link and listen to Leonard Ravenhill on Our Need of Revival.

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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    Just that word alone rips through the hearts of people across our globe. People like you and me. Families across our world have seen its effects, our communities shut down, our churches reaching out in different ways…the list goes on.

    I cannot help but think as we “re-open” our lives, where God fits in. How fear has invaded. Where life has changed.

    Time will tell. Our actions always speak louder than our words.

    Believer. Church. People of God. Where is your alarm? Is the Spirit of God burning within you so fiercely that is it impossible to not walk in sheer obedience to Him? He hasn’t left us. He hasn’t changed. He is God. Is Covid-19, or anything for that matter greater than the Greatest?

    Time will reveal our heart.

    Click on the link below –> “Our Need of Revival” it is less than 4 minutes.

    Beware. Complacency is knocking at your door. Will you let it in?


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