Be a Joseph

God had purposeful plans for Joseph. His calling was certain, no doubt about that, but God wasn’t finished preparing him for his task; and that is where we read and watch his character mature to the place where God said, “It is time.”

  • We know the story, his brothers sold him into slavery before Reuben had time to rescue him out of that pit as planned.
  • We read of the trials that followed him from place to place it seemed — brotherly rivalry to a pit, prison, then second to the Pharaoh himself. But Joseph didn’t know his end, we do. We read it in Scripture.

Not knowing the end doesn’t constitute a sinful response. Joseph didn’t let his circumstances stop him from responding correctly to what the will of the Father was. He chose to surrender, yield, submit in obedience by keeping God first above all…even when it didn’t make sense, or when it was hard.

We can see small glimpses into who Joseph was…

1. Joseph didn’t feel sorry for himself. He sure could of, but he didn’t allow himself to go there. We too have this choice.

2. Joseph used the unfair trials to bring glory to God while learning to trust Him more along the way. God doesn’t waste hurt. God doesn’t waste period. Everything He does or allows is purposeful. Joseph trusted God’s plan.

3. Joseph remembered. He remember what God did in the past and trusted Him for the future.

I am reminded of Psalms 105:19, Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.”

In God’s perfect time, we see Joseph’s God-given dreams come true; His response, forgiveness.

Just as God used every trial, every struggle, every joy with purpose in Joseph’s life, He too will do the same in ours. God knows your end goal — the question we should be asking ourselves is this, “Do I trust God to get me there? Do I trust Him?” Joseph did!

  • Someone once said, Sometimes what “feels” like a pit is really our training ground for what is next.” How true…if we see it that way.Take heart, God sees. God knows. God’s got your back — will you trust Him even when it doesn’t make sense?

Take heart, God sees. God knows. God’s got your back — will you trust Him even when it doesn’t make sense?

  • Keep your eyes on Christ! It’s the only way to get there.

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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