The Opportunity


I have pondered many things over the past several months; 2020 has allowed such time to ponder; the irony of it all is I haven’t had much to say, known how to write it, or simply watched.

I can say 2020 has flooded our minds with thoughts, opinions, reactions, anger, worry, fear, or spurred on an assurance that God hasn’t lost control.

I know, we have heard it all. We have seen it all. We have felt the effects — media confusion, articles that compel or disgust, arguments that frustrate, lives turned and our souls found in disarray, confusion, doubt, worry, and fear…and some have found themselves in sickness and/or death.

We wonder where truth has gone or what to believe? Where should we turn or go or how should we live? We don’t know what to do and we find ourselves restricted in what once was.

In July, I had the opportunity to be a sponsor at a camp in North Carolina with our two older children. Boy, I was ready! I had my week all planned out and I was ready to go.

Our trip was safe and the girls were settled into their cabins and enjoying life. I headed to my room.

I settled in. My room was nice, clean, and perfect for what I needed for the week, but I quickly found out that what I had planned was not the Lord plan.

I couldn’t believe it. Here I was ready to do my thing, close the world out and focus…focus on God (isn’t that a noble thing?), my business, and blog. Suddenly, sponsor life wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.

For three days, all my plans were up side down. I felt alone and aggravated that the internet was down. I kept asking different people on campus when and how to get internet, but every time I got no where, no answers. By day four, the Lord had done a work on my heart, mind and soul and what I thought was a wrecked week turned into what my soul really needed.

It forced me to sit. To be still. To read His Word. To write with a pen and paper…

Funny how after the Lord convicted my heart of its sin and self absorption He allowed the internet to work. Everything I was looking to do via the internet did get completed by the end of the week…now isn’t the Lord gracious!

He used those first three days to rip the layers of self, pride, and erase the noise that my soul was carrying. He knew what I needed that week and it wouldn’t be accomplished until my soul was silenced.

The past year (2020), the world has vied for our attention, creating combat decisions and warring for our very souls, churches, families and lives. We have listened long, we have listened hard, we have fought, we have grown tired and long for the “good old days” but we cannot forget to recognize that noise affects…even what seems good! It fills our minds, grabs for our attention, swamps our souls and takes over places in our heart that are only reserved for God Himself…and we have slipped into deafness.

Many of our churches have been either shut down, gone remote, or do both. Our Pastor’s and their wives have been thrown into situations and sudden changes that have both given awesome new opportunities along with many great sorrows. The life of God’s church is on a very slippery slope and will confirm spiritual death in the lives of the believers if we are not serious about worshipping God in the storm. I worry for the church. I fear the noise has filled us so much that we cannot see the affects…just like I didn’t!

We have forgotten how noise affects us? Have we forgotten to live Christ over everything — and in that everything we are to do everything to glorify God in that — even standing up for righteousness in our country, to its people, and for the next generation.

I told my husband the other day, hind sight 20/20, I didn’t realize how up tight or wound up I was or how distracted my soul really was until the Lord removed “the good, bad and the ugly” things from me and showed me what my soul looked like — sinful!

  • Are you distracted?
  • Have you forgotten God?
  • Are you filled with noise?
  • Do you live in fear?
  • Are you worshipping God?
  • Are you confused?
  • Do you find yourself filled with everything else, but God?

Let’s take that a step further — why don’t we turn the tide of 2020 by allowing 2021 to ignited us to obey God, to put God first above everything, to trust God, to walk by faith and not by sight, to actually step forward into God’s house and worship Him knowing that God is still on the Throne, able, alive, and calling us!

  • Why don’t we burn with passion to live life for God’s glory with compassion, integrity, rightness, godliness, obedience as the New Testament believers did?
  • Why do we not find ourselves bond to our brothers and sisters in Christ and put off our sinfulness natures and put on Christlikeness…and treat them accordingly?
  • Why don’t we find ourselves in the process of progressive sanctification and give the Light to those who are afraid, scared, and lost?
  • Only you can answer those questions.

Eternity is real. God is real.

Be what the world is not — Christ hasn’t changed in you.

  • Be the love instead of the blackmail.
  • Be the personal sacrifice instead of the extortion.
  • Be the kindness instead of the hoarder.
  • Be the time and care because isolation kills.
  • Be the light in the midst of the darkness rather than complain and act like the world.

The Lord has laid in our laps a fantastic opportunity to grow in Him, live like Him in human form to each other and the world.

Are you living?

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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