Come ye Thankful People, Come!

In our home, school is finished for the week (ya!!!) and the process has begun where mother tells daughters: put your clothes away (I need the laundry baskets back…yes, you will have more laundry to put away 😊), clean up your rooms, fix the pillows & throw blankets in the living room, kitchen duties, feed Lucy (our dog), and oh….let’s make a pot of coffee!        

Why? Why are we cleaning the house and putting things away? First, you should see our house, lol! Seriously, because things really do need to be done and it’s a part of life (and learning). Second, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. It’s time to prepare. After all these things are done, we will begin all the “fun” stuff like: trimmings, desserts, food dishes, new recipes, green bean casserole, and setting the tables all pretty like, etc.

I love Thanksgiving. The smells. The dishes. The ideathe idea of thanks

Thankfulness isn’t linked to our circumstances.

Choosing to be thankful, grateful, having a heart of graditude, joy, isn’t measured or sourced by or changed due to situations, circumstances, people, or even self. Thanksgiving should be a daily spiritual “feast” in which the child of God expresses his or her’s enormous thanks to God because he or she understands without God they are nothing, have nothing…indeed, overwhelmed by the powerful in-depth love that the Father has bestowed unto them.

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving Day? If not, you’ll get there. Relax, it will all come together. I hope you have a wonderful day spent with family or friends or both!

But let’s not get caught up in the “idea” of thanksgiving and forget the Giver. In reality, a holiday should make no difference in the life of a believer for the heart of thanksgiving should already be a daily occurrance. 

Don’t misunderstand me, I love this national holiday, but let’s make a point tomorrow to not forget the Ultimate Giver.

  • Spend time with Him personally before the day gets busy.
  • Make it a point to steer the hearts and minds of those you are with to HIM
  • Take extra specific time giving thanks to the Lord for in whom is due all our praise over your Thanksgiving Day. 
  • Create a table setting “I am thankful for…” and share your writings around the table.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}


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