Merry Christ-filled Christmas 

From our hearts to yours, we pray that this day, December 25th, and the upcoming celebrations to follow with family and friends, would be centered around thee fulfillment — Jesus Christ Himself. For without Him we wouldn’t be celebrating.

  • To those who are struggling this season especially due to loss, our hearts break for you. Please know that someone is taking you before the Throne of Grace; you are in our prayers.
  • In the achings deep within the heart.
  • In the brokenness that seems unbearable.
  • In the silence of your soul that doesn’t know how, why, where, when, if.
  • Even in your deepest cavern, may you find that God is with you, Emmanuel, and that you find fulfilment in Christ that reaches beyond what you know of Christ.
  • He too is touched by our grief, our sorrow, for He — like us, knows death. He too, also knows the victory that proceeds death. “Oh death where is the string? We are more than conquerors through Him…who loves us so!”

The prophet Isaiah’s eyes must have experienced the wonders of all wonders. A beyond glorious sights to behold…then to write about. Can you hear Isaiah say with bowed heart and body, “Who am I!” Oh to know, to see Israel’s destruction must have inflicted deep sorrow in the heart of God, yet He tells Isaiah of that Light, Jesus Christ, who is to come — who will come!

  • God’s ultimate gracious love gift, Jesus Christ comes to fulfill His Father’s master plan of redemption, love, graciousness, compassion, and salvation to all mankind…no wonder Isaiah said, “Woe is me, for I am a man undone!” in chapter six verse five.

So even in the midst of our deepest darkness, there is Light…that Light is Jesus Christ our Lord! We are hopeful because of Christ.
This Christmas, whatever circumstances surround you, know this, God is with us, Emmanuel, and that Light is with us!

Merry Christ-filled Christmas!

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}


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