Be the Believer Who Does…

This is such a great verse, isn’t it! Wow! I am so thankful the Lord is gracious, merciful, slow to anger with me and that His love is steadfast…it never changes.

Now before you go casting prejudgements, I know from personally experiences that I have failed in all of the above attributes, truly, I am a work in progress. And if we want to get right to pure honesty and confession time, it hits me the hardest when I am tired or stressed out (well…the stressed out is letting my flesh reign). So you see, I am first in line. So when you read on, know this.

Over the years, we have seen, heard and gone through much via the ministry of people. It has been God’s calling on our life, a calling we’d do a thousand times over again for Him. When I read this verse this morning, my heart agonizes in brokenness over sin. I am talking about the choice to choose to sin in believers here:

  • Believers choosing to not walk in graciousness towards other fellow believers; whether in words or deed.
  • Believers choosing to not walk in (God’s) mercy towards other fellow believers, but rather walk in self-absorption or pride.
  • Believers choosing not to be slow to anger towards other brothers and sisters in Christ, because they are be busy feeding their flesh; their actions speak louder than words…their flesh reigns. What comes out of the man defiles him. You cannot be filled with yourself and filled with God at the same time.
  • Believers choosing to not walk in Christ’s love, because they “cannot forgive.” Thus allowing bitterness and unforgiveness to rule and reign and quench the Spirit. You cannot grow in Christ when you do not obey God’s Word!

✝ Believer, do not be the one who makes the conscience choose to disobey God’s Word; this is a rebellious heart.

✝ Be the believer who desires and does their utmost best before God to walk in obedience putting on the attributes of God.

You have to make the choice. Choose wisely!

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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