It is Always a Good Day to Pick Flowers

“Mommy, can we pleeeeeeeeeeese go outside and check the flowers. I see some yellow!!! Please???” This is what I heard this morning. At first my answer was, “no” because of course there was much to do, school to get done…and….!!!!!

But, as a bit of time went by and I was asked once again, I could almost heard the Lord say, “Colleen, go smell the roses with your little one.” “The time, school, and stuff you are so concerned about will be okay.”

You know where we ended up…😉

There is something exciting about picking the first blooms of the season.

  • Thank you Lord for these little yellow blossoms that opened their beauty today.
  • Thank you for reminding us that Spring is coming and you are in control of seasons because you are the Creator.
  • Thank you for a little one that reminded me that it is always a good day to pick flowers, who is filled with excitement for God’s creation, bugs, bunnies, deer, dogs, and anything that has life because her eyes are open to see life and your beauty.

It is always a good day to pick flowers.

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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