Journey 119: a Journey Through Psalm 119 [Part 3b]

Gimel. Psalm 119:17-24 

 “Deal kindly [bountifully] with Your servant, that I may live and keep Your word [treasuring it and being guided by it day by day]. Open my eyes [to spiritual truth], that I may behold wondrous things from Your law. I am a sojourner [stranger] in the land; do not hide Your commandments from me. My soul is consumed [crushed with longing] all the time with a longing for Your decrees [ordinances]. You have rebuked the proud [presumptuous and arrogant], those cursed, who depart [wander] from Your commandments. Remove [take] from me reproach and contempt, for I have kept Your testimonies. Even if princes sit and conspire [talk] against me, your servant will meditate on Your statutes. Your testimonies are my delight and my counselors.”

  • The Psalmist had one focus – God; his relationship with God was priority; the condition of his heart before God was priority – it matter more.
  • The Psalmist has one home – Eternity; heaven.
  • The Psalmist knew he wasn’t home but that didn’t stop him from living like he was home.

Today, many of us believe that we can have our cake and eat it too; we can have this world and God too, but it doesn’t work that way. It cannot work. God will not share His glory with another (Isaiah 42:8; Isaiah 48:11).

Have you heard this statement? “This world has so many distractions” or maybe “I just have too”, either way we can all agree that this world does have “distractions” that do tempt or produce flesh-filled desires. Sin lures, but the truth of the matter is this: we do what we love –first.

I think the Psalmist got this. He saw his flesh for what is was.

He knew – he felt that draw of the flesh, thus seeking the only One who his soul needed. He prayed. He sought. He obeyed. He saw answers. He saw the power of God.

We don’t have to look very far in our lives to find out what we love. We spend time doing what we love. It comes natural even when it is wrong or sinful…it just comes easy. That is way the Psalmist asked God to open his eyes that he may see.

If you love sports, what do you do?

  • You practice.
  • You play.
  • You watch.
  • You talk about it.

If you love to shop, what do you do? If you love to craft, what do you do? If you love to boat, what do you do? If you love to lounge, what do you do?

What do you love? What do you dream about?

Now we are not going to pick on one specific thing, person or vise, but we must realize that our flesh wants what a flesh wants…whether it is crafting or drugs. Anything that replaces God in our life produces an idolatrous heart.

Does that mean that if we want God to be first in our life – we must live in cave, deny all, become a monk and reject everything from this Earth?

No. Our surrounds don’t change the heart. We don’t change our heart.

Even a monk, who lives in a cave, has a sinful heart. You cannot take the flesh out of flesh – but you can replace the flesh by the Spirit. Without God, the heart doesn’t change. With God, the heart changes.

Sports. Crafts. Shopping. Boating. Kicking up your feet – all have their place, but never to replace God. Pray before you do and include the Lord in your activities, but don’t forsake what will last for eternity.

The Psalmist heart should be our heart:

  1. He realized where he belonged – not where he currently lived. He was a sojourner. He realized he was just passing through. His end goal was what really counted for God. What is your end goal – is God there?
  2. His prayerful desire was that God would open his eyes (his soul) to spiritual truth – not his own truth, not the world’s truth, not even his own idea of God), but God’s truth (because is it the only truth). He wanted to see God from God in his life. He desired to see God’s wonderous blessings from His Word and from His acts. How’s your prayer life? Do you see spiritual truth?
  3. His soul broke with this spiritual longing for God in his life. Does your soul break to know God? Does your soul break to be more like Him?
  4. He knew that the Lord rebuked, chastened, punished those who do not keep His commandments. He didn’t want to be one of them. He feared, reverenced God. Do you?
  5. He asked God to remove what didn’t please God. That is usually something we fear or guard – because we usually love it. Is there something in your life that you need to confess to God and make right? He loves you. Sin has its moment – God has forever!
  6. The Psalmist had enemies. You would think, someone that is close to God would have a life filled with peaches and crème – no problems. Think again. Those who walk with God, in God, desire to please God – not everyone likes you. Sometimes this is harder than hard to live through. I remember a time, I call the “twilight zone” where other believers in our ministry acted like nonbelievers towards us. I felt like David when he wrote, “it would have nee okay if it was my enemy, but it was my friend” – someone he called a brother. Not all attacks are from the world. This must break the very heart of God when believers attack other believers. The Psalmist knew thus burden…YET, he kept his nose, heart, eyes, ears, soul in the Words of God. This is what we must do as well. God comfort is true. Is you find yourself in this situation, keep the faith, friend – stay close to Christ!!! God sees. God knows. God wins every time – righteousness will prevail! My soul prays for you!
  7. The Psalmist found God a delight. Wow. So many things tickle us, but do we find God a delight or do we find Him a chore? Does God tickle you with delight – that you long to be with Him, please Him or is God a chore? Do you want (desire) to go to church or do you have to go to church?

Take time this week with God – check with Him and ask “how am I doing?” You may be surprised. You may not be — whatever you are, be obedient! 


In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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