Journey 119: a Journey through Psalm 119 [Part 4]

Daleth. – Psalm 119:25-32

“My soul clings [I am laid low] to the dust; revive me [preserve my life] according to Your Word. I have declared [gave an account of] my ways, and You heard [answered] me; teach me Your statutes. Make me to understand the way of Your precepts; then I shall contemplate [meditate] on Your wondrous works. My soul collapses [weary with sorrow] on account of grief; strengthen me according to Your Word. Remove [keep me] from me the way of falsehood [deceitful ways], and graciously grant [be gracious to me and teach me] me Your law. I have chosen the way of faithfulness; Your judgments I have laid before me [I have set my heart on your laws]. I have stayed [hold fast to] with Your testimonies [statutes], O Lord; may I not [do not let me] be put to shame. I will run in the way [path] of Your commandments, when You set [broadened] my heart [understanding] free.”

What a prayer for understanding.

The Psalmist prayed for quickening over his weary soul; he found himself “laid low.” We are not told what troubled this Psalmist held, but he declares his situation to the Lord in full account. He goes to his Father God asking for revival – preservation of soul – according to the Word of the Lord. Seeking understanding, he prays to the One who can give. He acknowledges the Lord’s gracious listening hand in his life. He asked the Lord for strengthening, keeping, removal of deceitful ways that take resident within. He declares his “I will’s” to the Lord. He holds nothing back from running into the arms of God – searching alone the path of Truth. The Lord blesses his search, “Your broadening of my heart (or understanding) brings freedom.

  • Is God hearing from you?

May we take heed the example set before us.

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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