The Power of John 14

Do not let (allow) your heart be troubled; that is to say do not be afraid or become cowardly. Instead, believe confidently in God. Put everything you got in trusting in only Him.

You ask how can this be? I will tell you how this can be:

  • Believe (eternity).
  • Have faith.
  • Hold onto Christ.
  • Rely on Him.
  • Rely on His Word.
  • Keep believing in Jesus Christ.

Why? Why do this? Why believe in what seems invisible, abstract when I can see, smell, taste, hear everything right here, right now? What is the point in trust? I’ve seen more people use the crutch called God.

This is why. Jesus said!

When Jesus saith, mark eternity, His Words will come to pass. It is bound to happen…people will fail, but it is an impossibility for Him to fail. When God speaks, it is, because He is, and that is guaranteed! Nothing, no one, not even yourself could redirect, change, or deter what God hath spoken. We are human, God is not. We do well to not place Him among ourselves and degrade Him for there is no one more than you could trust.

People form ‘crutches’ God doesn’t.

Jesus continues, “In My Father’s house are many dwelling places (mansions). If this wasn’t true, I wouldn’t be telling you so. That is where I am today — I am in process, I am in construction mode preparing your specific homestead just for you. I am overwhelmed with love for you I can not help but build.

Don’t loss hope, one day I am coming back; coming back for each one of you who did not allow your heart to be troubled. Who fought the fearfulness and kick cowardness out of their heart’s door. Who believed in Me confidently. Who trusted Me regardless of themselves, surrounding circumstances, or people because holding onto faith, onto Christ, onto His Word was found more priceless than anything this physical life offered. To you, I will take you home. I will welcome you home and for eternity we shall be together.

Don’t confuse yourself in what I am telling you right now. You know the way because I AM the way. The question is are you going to trust Me or trust yourself? (John 14:1-4)

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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