It’s Right There…

  • Sometimes we see a pile of shoes, when we should see souls.
  • Sometimes we see the “bother” when we should see the opportunity.
  • Sometimes we see the person in the mirror, when we should see Christ.
  • Sometimes we see the “I don’ts, when the blessings are staring right at us.
  • Sometimes we see the “can’ts, when the cans are plenteous.
  • Sometimes we see bondage, when we are free in Christ.
  • Sometimes God’s knocking at our hearts door brings us irritation, when it should comfort and bring peace.


Sometimes, if we are not careful, what we “see” becomes skewed, off-focused, self-absorbed, blurred, tainted by our own sinfulness; we are unaware our vision is tainted or changed.

I like to call it our “gridwork” –what we see through our circumstances. When our personal gridwork of life or vision is skewed, our choices follow suit because Christ is not at the helm.

  • Life happens, but Christ is bigger; Christ is purposeful.

When we float through life and refuse to biblically respond, we live through are own “gridwork” and not Christ’s.

Until we fully surrender ourself to Christ, it will not matter if you “see” it or not, if you believe me, your Pastor, your godly friend or not; you, my friend, live in its denial.

We are freed only in Christ (John 8:31-32). It is possible!

In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.}

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